Technology available to you today is complex. Making sense of it all and picking components that fit you and your business should not be… Whether you’re looking for a simple Facebook page or custom built mobile software – we’re here to answer the questions, make suggestions and help you to utilize the opportunities available!
iPhone Apps are a multi-billion dollar industry. If you need an app to promote your business, want a mobile tool to enhance efficiency, or have the next great idea that will skyrocket in iTunes Store – we can build it for you. With quick turnaround, proven track record and experience, your app idea can be reality within weeks.
With Apple and iProducts taking the spotlight, Android often is forgotten. However, there are more Android powered devices than any other mobile platform. Don’t skip on the opportunity that comes with bigger market share, more users, more devices. New app or an Android version of existing one – it is something you should consider.
With over twenty years of experience delivering well designed, attractive, database driven websites and web based software products we’re in position to deliver whatever your needs are. From simple pages to Facebook custom tabs to mobile websites to complex products let us help you design what you need.
Why the black cat? Well, for one, I like cats… More seriously, it’s a step back from technology. The focus is not the software, design, devices, but you -- the person. Technology is here to simply solve a problem or to be a tool, not to take over. Let’s start with what is it you want to accomplish and then find a technological solution, not other way around.

Experience Counts

And with twenty plus years of it in Information Technology field and over six years in Mobile App design I can offer it to you. Add to that reliable, fast and amazing Graphics Designer, as well as Social Media / Marketing / SEO expert and you have a small, dedicated team ready to tackle any challenge.

We work out of sunny South Florida and Los Angeles, California, and pride ourselves in offering personalized, fast and reliable service. Work doesn't get outsourced to India, when you call the person answering the phone is familiar with your project. We work directly with you to fully understand your project, offering technology advice in process, and then suggest the best solution suited to your needs, not some framework…

Call or email us today, and see how we can answer the questions you have!

Did you know...

Apple iTunes AppStore generates roughly 2 billion dollars in sales per quarter! Traditionally entry price into software markets have been prohibitive, but today all you need is idea...

Mobile World

In USA there are more mobile phones than people. Are you ready to offer your business to all these mobile customers?

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App Portfolio

Just some of the apps by IB Tech Consulting...

NFIP Forms2Go
Custom Play
Restaurant Inspections
Dealer APS
Whack It!